Friendship Day Meaning, Celebrations, Facts – When is Friendship Day 2020

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Friendship Day

Friendship Day Meaning, Celebrations, Facts, History

Friendship day celebrations occur on different dates in different countries. The first friendship day was celebrated on 30th July 1958. However, some countries celebrate friendship day on different dates such as India, Bangladesh, Malaysia celebrates friendship day on the first Sunday of August month whereas countries like the United States and others celebrate the day on 30th July.

Considering the valuable role of our friends in our life it is obvious to dedicate a day in the name of friends. Keeping such in mind the United Nations Congress in 1935 proclaimed the first Sunday of August month as the National Friendship Day. Since then it has become an annual event. Also, the noble idea of honoring our buddies became so popular that the event is now converted into a huge festival.

All around the world friendship day is recognized with excellent enjoyment, and taking care of genuine friends. A few of the aged or youth buddies reunite with this day to enjoy the beautiful relationship of friendship. Friends also celebrate the day by delivering presents, cards, blossoms, and desires for their long-distance buddies who are located in distance. It is a big day for you really to let your buddy know just how much you take care of him/her in life.

Hence following the success of friendship day in America several other countries tried to adopt the day to celebrate. Today, friendship day is celebrated enthusiastically all over the world including the Indian region to honor the lifelong special bond. Also, keep in mind the popularity the United States has been declared the popular animé character Winnie- the Pooh as the brand ambassador of Friendship day in 1997.

When is Friendship Day 2020

For the year 2020, Friendship Day is celebrated/ observed on Sunday, 2nd August. It is an international holiday celebrating friendship all over the world. It comes on different dates in various countries. In the United States, it is observed on the first Sunday of August month.

Friends are like a breath of fresh air in our life. From late-night gossips to shopping, from trying something new for the first time to discuss critical situations, from traveling to assignments everywhere we need a helping hand to manage the situation.

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