Our Team

Founder – Paras Kumar

Email – paras@usa4thofjuly.com

Category – Festivals

Passionate, organized, educated, and intuitive. I have my M.com and my undergraduate degrees in English from reputable and accredited Indian institutions. I have experience with Lifestyle writing, Events & Festivals, and academic writing. I have a broad range of expertise in account management, coaching, income tax, financial, and more. Also, I’m intuitive and highly creative. I have written online content for several websites. I have written online courses and CEU courses. I also have done social media management for a variety of pages.

Editors Staff:

James Carroll
Category: Events
Email: сarroll@usa4thofjuly.com
I am a professional writer with more than 10 years’ experience in research, writing, editing, and proofreading across a range of sectors including public events, famous event days, journalism, education, and academia. I am seasoned at crafting copy for various purposes and audiences. I have researched, written, edited, or proofread academic journal articles, theses, technical manuals, press releases, reports, feature articles, web site content, promotional material, policy papers, and grant proposals. When it comes to writing and proofreading, I insist on getting words, tone, and style right for the purpose and the audience.

Eric Fernandes
Category: Lifestyle
Email: ericfarnades@usa4thofjuly.com
I have 25 years of writing experience as a journalist and lifestyle management service. My fields of expertise include higher education, lifestyle advisor, report writing, and project management. I work closely with writers to edit carefully and help to hone ideas to effectively deliver messages and stories.