How To Make Valentine’s Day Special? – Facts, Traditions, History

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Valentine's Day

How To Make Valentine’s Day Special?

They carry arrows with them and at the tip of the arrow, they fix the pure feeling. It is said that whenever they will be throwing an arrow to someone that person will be able to feel the most precious gift of nature. Also in terms of Greece ancient stories Goddess Venus, is the God of love, beauty, and happiness.

A bonding between father-daughter is love. The pure bonding between a sister and a brother is love. Best friends do love each other. People love their parents as well as respect them.

Valentine’s Day Facts, Traditions, History

Love is unconditional, this is the best feeling in the world that you feel when you are in love. The word love has originated from old English words or also thought to be originated in Germany. Also, the word shares another origin from the Indo-European root through the delightful ancient language Sanskrit. The root of the word love from Sanskrit is Lubhyati meaning desire.

Love is not a word, it is the world for a person who is in love. To see her newborn baby a mother cries. It is due to the feeling of satisfaction. Feeling of happiness to create a life. In ancient manuscripts, love has been symbolized by the little Cupids or love creatures. Valentine’s Day, also called Saint Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine, is celebrated annually.

Same word different perspective different way of feeling. The different ways to express. That’s why every year on 14th February people celebrates Valentine’s day to express love for their dear ones.

We do know that the ancient Romans celebrated the feast of Lupercalia, a spring festival, on the 15th of February. With the introduction of Christianity, the holiday moved to the 14th of February. The saints day that celebrated several early Christian martyrs named Valentine.

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