What is Memorial Day And Why Do We Celebrate It? – Facts, Meaning & Traditions

We have described What is Memorial Day And Why Do We Celebrate It? with Facts, Meaning & Traditions so by reading this post you will understand the reality.

Memorial Day

Memorial Day


What is Memorial Day And Why Do We Celebrate It?

Memorial Day 2020 is a day of pride for the whole nation. Its significance could be traced back to the early years of the history during which the civil war was fought. The civil war led to a lot of bloodsheds and thus, Memorial Day came to count as an event to celebrate. To start with, this day is mostly marked as a day where you remember the sacrifices of the soldiers and martyrs who did not worry about their own lives but fought till the end just for the sake of the nation. This day is fully dedicated to all the soldiers who died for serving the nation.

The history of this day was after the civil war, in this war many people died at various places, and a desire to honor our dead, On May 5, 1868, General John A. Logan issued a proclamation which was a day for the servers, since then it was called Decoration Day or the Memorial Day, on the first decoration day there was a speech by General James Garfield gave a speech at Arilong national cemetery, where almost 5000 participants decorated graves of 20000 union soldiers who were buried out there. Astone is a Carbondale III. The cemetery has statements that information about the first Memorial day which was held on April 29, 1866.

Memorial day is more particular to sign the deeds of the fallen heroes who did so much for the country. Their sacrifices could not be paid back in any way. Whatever they have done for their country could not be counted or appreciated in just words but rather their deeds are the fruits of what we are reaping today. Therefore, they deserve to be respected by us as the countrymen, and as the citizens of the nation, it is our duty to spare some moments from our lives to appreciate their great deeds.

Memorial Day Facts, Meaning & Traditions

Just like any other day that reflects the patriotism and nationalism from within ourselves. Of course, it is an essential day in world history and the day needs to receive that much attention as it actually deserves. Therefore, it is essential for every individual to pay attention to that particular day and see how it actually works for the sake of the nation. It was previously known as decoration day.  From the government of the USA, the day is declared a Federal holiday.

Memorial Day came into existence after the Civil War and a desire to honor those who laid down their lives fighting for their country. It is a holiday on this day for the whole country and they observe this day as the last Monday of May. It is generally seen as the start of the summer season and is a day the whole country respects and honors the dead. This is actually the day to give respect and tribute to the fallen heroes.

Memorial Day is a significant event in the calendar and plays an important role in history and thus it is carried forward until today. It is a day when the deeds of the great martyrs and those brave souls of the soldiers are remembered who did not worry about anything but gave their own lives just for the sake of the countrymen. During the civil war, there was all bloodshed around, and thus, things got worsened with the loss of lives of the brave souls. This day is celebrated with a parade wherein every institution and organization marks it as a day of remembrance of the brave hearts who fought relentlessly for the country.

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